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This video shows you exactly how to use the optical ADAT connection of the Behringer ADA8000 (or similar mic pre) to stream 8 channels of audio into a Digi002/003 as well as how to set things up properly in Pro Tools. For more tips and tutorials visit www.TheRecordingRevolution.com
Every home studio, no matter how big or small, needs these 5 key components to get going. Download my free eBook “The #1 Rule Of Home Recording” for more tips www.TheRecordingRevolution.com
Additional videos for this title: j.mp Rich Tozzoli: Producing and Mixing Guitars by Rich Tozzoli Video 5 of 35 for Rich Tozzoli: Producing and Mixing Guitars Making platinum sounding recordings is Rich Tozzolis specialty. Rich reaches deep into his vast experience with artists like David Bowie, Ace Frehley, Al DiMeola, The Blue Oyster Cult, Average White Band, Emerson, Lake and Palmer and Hall and Oates to bring us a treasure trove of time-proven, award-winning guitar production wisdom. This tutorial is all about guitar production techniques. These techniques are not tied to a specific DAW. The knowledge presented here is totally [More]
Free Pro Tools Tutorial! Learn how to set levels for recording with expert tips and advice on sound editing in this free video. Expert: Alexander Markowski Bio: Alexander Markowski has been using Pro Tools since 1991 which has become a large portion of his professional experience in sound engineering for television and feature films. Filmmaker: Reggie Hayes
www.homestudiocorner.com In this video I explain a quick tip on how to deal with the latency that’s caused by using USB audio interfaces.
Acoustic treatments in a small project studio. Contruction and installation of bass traps, panel absorbers, and polycylindrical diffusors. I’m working on several videos that will provide much more detail on how to construct and place these treatments. Also, I’ve added several highly recommended books to the store on my website: www.davebuehler.com
Hear the recordings at www.YouTube.com & www.YouTube.com MUST SEE VIDEO for anyone who is interested in acoustic treatment ideas for the home recording studio.
Andertons Music Store – bit.ly Twitter — bit.ly or Facebook — on.fb.me A quick overview of how Maplewood Studio’s live room has been acoustically treated. Here I used foam from a company I found on eBay (direct website – www.acoustic-foam.co.uk )for the main treatment along with Ghost Acoustic’s Gobo stands and a rug for tweaking the room as required. If your treating your room check out the link and what ever you do DON’T put foam from head to toe, it’s not the way to go… As always, any questions please feel free to ask and I’ll do my best [More]
This video shows the difference that acoustic treatment can make to your studio. This is by no means a hi-tech acoustic test but it does show what a little DIY and some acoustic insulation can do to an ordinary room. Throw your headphones on and hear the difference for yourself and if you want to know more about the project, check out my blog. pretensionmusic.blogspot.com