Music Theory For Producers (This Is All You Need)

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Here’s more of the course for free if you’re interested:

I’m thrilled to show you guys my approach to music theory for producers; it’s everything you need to know to make incredible music! Take notes and come back as many times as necessary!

Thanks so much for watching and make sure to comment down below if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.



@Zuni_Tv says:

I've watched many Youtube tutorials for piano, but this one tops them all. I was self taught and learned cords and progression through ear/what felt right for my hands. I also used 2-3 and 3-2 as my guide for chords, the numbers being how many keys are between each played note. A minor chord is 2-3 and a major chord is 3-2. Helps for people who see numbers better than letters.

@Jose-tm6hm says:

This is incredible. Thank you

@720ppixel2 says:

I finally understand how this is connected thanks to the numbers. Because I always had the knot in my head – how can minor and Major Cordes in a Major Scale?

@Take_NotesSuperHooverweight says:

Thank you massive help

@LearnTrainPlay says:

NOT A HALF STEP, IT'S A SEMI-TONE. AND NOT A WHOLE STEP, IT'S A TONE. I was curious about this video, then within the first min I noped out.

@cosmoheis8909 says:

I just had a million "woah" moments in this one video I feel like I have such a better grasp on how to make my own music. Thank you so much!!!

@berkaygaming2141 says:

Lets get back to the k of c kfc

@RickardLejonhjarta says:

much better explained than that other video i watched earlier
that made music sound like it was made by crackheads this actually makes sense
hard to follow, but it makes sense

@loki9096 says:


Starting to hear FOREVER YOUNG by Jay-Z and Mr Hudson

@prarabdhadighade says:

There is an alternate way to remember an octave. If you start from C and end at B, it is 12 notes and is easier to remember because you can see an octave as 1 white key before 2 black keys together and one white key after 3 black keys together. I.e. C – B, Db Eb – F# Ab Bb. I hope this helped you.

@ifsofacto86 says:

Great Video!

@dogbeatcat says:

I call them all sharps am I going to hell?

@sobreaver says:

Seems quite clear, but I'm still stuck at the 'calculations' of my chord, the steps and halfs, it's still not intuitive to me how you manage to figure out your major and minor calls on chords, but I'm getting there šŸ˜‰ Getting an intuitive inner grasp of the system is the mission I'm still on.

@absin8078 says:

Great now Iā€™m hungry

@techthief3278 says:

Man I could give a single like and sub where I want to 10000M, Thanks a lot!! Keep the good work up šŸ™‚

@techthief3278 says:

After seeing this video anybody can learn music bro, just need a practice will make better day by day..

@techthief3278 says:

My whole childhood where I go to learn single scale for a month was !! I don't know what to tell such an eye opener and magic kind of fa me MAN!:)

@subobruskrt says:

You might be saving gotham right now

@MarcosRecs says:

Thank you man for all this value you bring to us

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