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REAPER vs Pro Tools, is it really better? - TechMuze TVTechMuze TV

REAPER vs Pro Tools, is it really better?

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Miami breaks down the differences between Pro Tools and REAPER. What are your favorite features of each? Let us know in the comments!

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Lyd Far says:

Pro Tools has "import session data" like everything! No limitations. It's the only DAW that has that. I would be happy to try out Reaper if it had something similar. It take forever to build up every song up from scratch.

uniworkhorse says:

Bro your segue game is on another level!

uniworkhorse says:

Reaper is the Blender of DAWs. The future is bright!

Hermes Locatelli says:

I love reaper ❤

0oTHEJACKo0 says:

Pro Tools instead of Reaper only regarding Mixing for example:

– no history of plugin movements
(in reaper you can revert all your mixing actions and plugin movements. ALL!)
– no shortcut for deleting a plugin

– no customizable channel adjustments (size, height etc.) in the mix window

– generally also no custom shortcuts. you need the right keyboard layout, and even then you are fucked (got a german keyboard. everytime I need to change my layout from german to english Layout.. :/). the default shortcuts (and only ones because it is hardcoded) are a joke in terms of workflow

– you pay 2500€ to get the "feature" of applying certain plugins to only selected clips and not the whole track? you kidding me?
clipbased effects is so important for all audiowork outside of music.
– ah, shall I add a pain in the ass is also when you are using multiple monitors. The window handling in Pro tools is a nightmare. in reaper I have screensets I can use in a matter of a second.

ivanh3 says:

Cross platform. Check. VST3. Check. ARA2. Check. Reaper for the win, but it wasn’t much of a fight.

stephen breitling says:

after using reaper for 4 years now, i finally came across something, i wasn’t able to do with it. sorry, but i forgot, what it was!

stephen breitling says:

unless i’m completely stupid, proTools still doesn’t have a phase inversion button in it’s mixer

Mic D says:

You're awesome. Subscribed.

chriscauldermusic says:

Awesome vid. Team Reaper since 2012. I dig Ableton, too. Have despised PT since 1999.

Bob says:

I tried cakewalk and immediately realized how good reaper is

Ram Music says:

Reaper the best DAW really .

Kevin Wayne says:

You're a Reaper user? You get a sub from me just for that |m/

Jiří Dobeš says:

Thanks so much! I am just a beginner, but thanks to your video I know how to save myself some nerves and rise my chances of not giving up 10 mins after starting with a DAW 😀

Marco Rodriguez says:

@5:15 was brilliant LOL

robert german says:

I’ll stay with Protools.

Gertjan Koolen says:

Nice feature: record to FLAC. Don't know if Protools can do that, but I record most tracks on 18 bit FLAC, consuming only half the size of 16 bit wav. Super!

Peter Wilson says:

Reaper is completely customizable in almost every way. If you wondering how to do something there's usually an action just for it. Reaper is awesome and is my main DAW now.

François Parie says:

Pro tools is a bit of an easy target though. Competing towards musicians with the likes of cubase, logic, ableton, fl, bitwig, is a taller order.

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